What we do

                          Plus Gravity is a branding design studio that helps passionate entrepreneurs start and grow profitable businesses.

                          We believe that the faster you build a quality brand that supports you and your family, the faster you’ll be able to focus your energy on making even bigger contributions to the world that will have a lasting impact.

                          Our vision is to create and sustain a network of highly effective & profitable brands, each one of which will be preferred, acknowledged and respected for their unique characteristics and all of them together will accelerate our evolution into a peaceful, healthy, happy and profoundly aware species.

                          How we do it

                          Our approach is based on our passion to contribute and improve ourselves and everything we can affect every single day. We wake up with the certainty that today is the day we’ll create our masterpiece.

                          The way we do it is:


                          • We find the overlap between high aesthetics and applied utility
                          • We combine?creative design?with?ethical entrepreneurship?to create?innovative brands?that accelerate evolution, towards making the world a better place
                          • We don’t focus on what we have done in the past but we use it as leverage so we can constantly improve what we’re doing now.
                          • We respect everyone’s time, ideas, energy and attention
                          • We believe in humanity and we care about the personal growth of every single individual among our clients
                          • We add as much value as possible?at every opportunity
                          • We only?take up projects that have the potential to?create value in an ethical way, that makes all of us care about each other on a deep level and elevate us as a species
                          • We are grateful?for all that is and all that will be

                          Meet Isaac

                          You can call me Isaac. I got my start in the Advertising field in 2006 as an Art Director at Y&R. Fascinated by art since my early childhood, I’ve been constantly experimenting with artistic projects in a multitude of forms and techniques. What truly excites me is finding the overlap between high aesthetics and applied utility in a way that generates sales! Together we can find ways for your business to reach the next level by using the power of targeted visual communication design.


                          I’ve devoted several years of my life perfecting my vector design skills and understanding the ways visual communication can affect, not only customers’ decisions, but the dynamics of a whole market. In a — now more than ever — competitive business world, I can confidently state that I can help a brand stand out of its competitors, using strategically designed and targeted visual communication. Together we can create a complete range of high-end custom designed branding and promotional visual communication assets, crafted to their finest detail, from concept to final deliverable design, following a nature-inspired, process-driven & results-oriented approach.


                          I believe that?offering our best value upfront?is the only way we can all evolve and reach our greatest potential as a species and that’s what this website is all about.


                          Feel free to share your humanity-serving vision with me, so I can personally suggest ways for you to incorporate high-quality visual communication into your action plan and get one step closer to achieving your goals, using the power of?strategic branding, combined with?premium quality graphic design.

                          Design for my business!

                          Enough about me. Let’s talk about your project!
                          Hold your spot for a briefing session & I’ll personally
                          get back to you within the next 24 hours.